Letter Board No. 39

Get outside and feel the sunshine on your face!

Summer is here and after a year+ of COVID lockdowns, restrictions, grocery shortages, and masks, the world is ready to get out. Out to eat. Out to the movies. Out in the sun. Out to travel or see friends. Or just to get on with their lives. I, myself, have been ready for some time now to travel or just get back to normalcy, but these words are often easier said than done for a variety of reasons. 

Get outside and feel the Sunshine on your face


Here in Texas we have a variety of seasons. There was Snovid-21 where we had below snow and zero temps for a few days, with power outages and frozen pipes for many. That went into a brief Spring and then weeks of rain. The rain stopped in time for temps to get into the 90s for days on end before the actual first day of summer. And now for Fourth of July weekend….more rain. Sigh…

So walking my dog – my one thing I try to do daily to get outside -is done when I can – weather and pain/fatigue levels permitting.

I did manage to take a day off recently and spend some time outside in the sweltering heat while my husband crossed something off his bucket list…

Not me…..

Chronic Illness

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” But I believe Chronic illness is the thief of joy. Or it can be. I try not to let fibromyalgia rule my life, but there are so many days when I am so exhausted from doing the things I HAVE to do that there is no energy to do the things I want to do. Gardening. Photography. Painting. Long walks or hikes. 

Family obligations these days occupy a large amount of time. I moved my mom across the country last year to be closer to me, so I spend a lot of time with her. But lately that has translated to doctor and hospital visits, leaving me little time or energy to do much else. My spoons runneth out…

I do still manage daily movement, however, in some form: walking, yoga, (stationary) bike, or pilates. I have noticed that I am walking much slower these days. Looking at my statistics in my Apple Watch for the last year, I have seen a steady decline in the exertion I have been able to put out. This seems to coincide with my increased stress levels when I moved my mom here and took on those additional duties. But still, I wouldn’t change a thing. ❤


I hit a wall this week. Work, family, chronic illness/pain have been sapping all of my energy. The pain and exhaustion have been endless and when I did finally get home at the end of the day I would fall on the couch and nap. This cycle left very little time for me to get outside to recharge my soul.

Early on in the week I told my boss I needed a break. With no scheduled vacation on the books I just needed a few days away. So I am taking a much needed six days off in a row. I am spending the time reading, painting, resting, cooking, and trying to heal. Here’s a picture of my weekend reading, which may give you some ideas where I am at…

What I’m currently reading.

Fun in the Sun

Regardless of the rain or high temps in Texas or pain and exhaustion I am experiencing – which has been A LOT lately – I try to get outside and enjoy the sun daily, even if it’s brief. This definitely helps my mood and gives me a little de-stress time. Something I need desperately these days.

(But when you get outside, please remember to protect your skin and schedule regular checks with a dermatologist to check for skin cancer.)

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We cannot drink from an empty cup, so please take time to find something to recharge your soul and fill your cup, and maybe just a little fun in the sun. I would love to hear what are you doing to get out and enjoy the outdoors these days. Does the weather affect your fibro symptoms?

Author: Cynthia, My Inspired Fibro Life

Wife. Mom. Fibrowarrior. Joy seeker. Picture taker. Coffee drinker. Blogging about living with fibromyalgia and finding inspiration in every day life. Welcome to My Inspired Fibro Life.

4 thoughts on “Letter Board No. 39”

  1. Cynthia, did you paint all those rocks in the photo? They all look great, but I especially love the M&Ms. That was the perfect way to use broken or cracked rocks. I may have to copy you.😁 Thanks for including my post about the ways gardening can improve wellness – I really appreciate it! I definitely need to check out those Acid-Watcher books you mention. My tummy just doesn’t like me sometimes. I hope your mini-break will be restful and restorative for you. Sending hugs your way!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Terri! Yes, most of those were
      Painted by me. There might be one or two from the rest of my family. We started that years ago and I still do it when I have time. I just painted a bunch of patriotic ones the last few days. Some I hide for others to find, some I keep, and some I give away.
      And the Acid Watcher diet has been a blessing. I have noticed much improvement in just a week as I wait to see my gastroenterologist in August. I will
      probably write an upcoming post about it. 🙂 Enjoy the weekend! And happy painting!


  2. Cheers!! I’ve been sitting in my back patio every morning- it was afternoon too until the blasted incredible heat hit. Took me a bit to adjust to not sitting outside reading and watching birds and squirrels. Knock on wood, most days my energy is ok. (I think I’ve lowered my expectations enough so that I seem more energetic-lol-but I don’t have a outside job, so that helps a whole lot. )

    Glad you are taking care of you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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