Letter Board No. 33

What the world needs now is love. ❤

We all could definitely use some more love, joy, happiness, and kindness these days. Being constantly bombarded with the world news and economy right can be a bit much for anyone to take. I always prefer to look on the bright side of things, which I feel helps my overall health. Shelter in place, social distancing, or lock-downs aside, let’s all just breathe and spread love and joy.

I had this picture pop up the other day on my Facebook memories and it made me think of that Dionne Warwick song “What the world needs now is love, sweet love…”, which is what inspired my letter board this week.

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love.”

I’m sure many of you, like me, will be working from home part-time, if not full-time these days. I spent a little time Sunday afternoon cleaning up my home office to try to make it well-organized and cheery. This will help with my frame of mind while telecommuting. And since I have staff that I need to be concerned with as well, I will be video chatting with them daily, just to check in on them and make sure they’re doing OK.

Here’s another picture of my temporary space…

I have seen some funny pictures this past week of the office spaces people have improvised at home, including standing desks. Since I have a standing desk at my office, I repurposed a stack of books to make a standing desk for my laptop, so I am not sitting all day at home.

Make-shift standing desk: Finally found a use for those encyclopedias that are never used anymore!

I hope everyone is practicing some real self-care and self-love during these tumultuous times. The following note was sent to one of my Emergency Management listservs, and I thought it was worth sharing.

Sticking to a regular schedule is another great way to get through these times. My daughter made one last week for herself, as she will be doing online classes and not working. She lives by herself and felt she needed the structure to stay on track. Here are some great tips from Astronaut Scott Kelly on surviving isolation.

I am grateful for all of you who took a minute out of your day to read this. I would love for you to leave me a comment about one of these daily quarantine questions, to let me know how you are embracing love and self-love/self-care during these crazy times.

Take care. Safe healthy and safe.

Cheers and ❤


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Wife. Mom. Fibrowarrior. Joy seeker. Picture taker. Coffee drinker. Blogging about living with fibromyalgia and finding inspiration in every day life. Welcome to My Inspired Fibro Life.

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